What We See & How We View It


Our vision is to establish a strong Holy Spirit filled church that will teach, heal, deliver, discipline, counsel and plant Churches starting with home cell groups. The primary purpose is to know Christ, find freedom, discover purpose and add color to life.


We shall strive, by the power of the Holy Spirit to bring the redemptive power of Jesus Christ to the people and encourage them to establish a firm and strong relationship with the Lord and other human beings. We believe that Man is a triune being made in the image of God and that the primary mission is to help man find freedom in Christ. Our focus being man, we shall not compete with other Churches and or organizations dedicated to the same cause in service to the Lord Jesus Christ, but instead we shall assist and facilitate them in becoming more effective as Christians.

From the nursery to the adults, everything we do centers around two things; Worship and the Word. Expect it to be relevant, lively and sacred. As a Church, we shall be dedicated to influencing many people towards God as we teach them to raise a new and higher vision of who they are in Christ by believing that the bible is the true foundation for all in every aspect of their lives.