Accessing the Supernatural Part III – Kingdom Service

In the past few weeks we have been learning about the keys to gaining access into the supernatural. The first key is Prayer, the second key is Sanctification, and today we will be looking at the third key which is Kingdom Service. Serving in the kingdom of God is not measured by acquired wealth and personal achievements but by what we give out and that simply means, how we serve others.

David said in the book of psalms “I’ll rather be a gatekeeper in the house of God”.  Jesus Christ also exemplified the true meaning of service by washing his disciples’ feet. He taught them a great lesson that if He the master can humble himself and wash their feet, they must be ready and willing to do the same for one another and everyone else.

Being anointed is for service, not for personal gain or glorification. If we are called the servants of God, we are meant to serve people not to lord it over anyone. Most times we do not understand the importance of the anointing placed upon our lives when it comes to serving in the house of God. It will not always be convenient or easy, it requires much sacrifice and humility. But kingdom service is one of the quickest ways access the supernatural. We cannot treat God’s work lightly and expect the heavens to be open to us.

Pastor George Irabor