Accessing the Supernatural – The Spirit of Prayer

As children of God we’re supposed to live a supernatural life, God does not dwell in our natural physical realm that’s why he wants us as His children to come up higher and live our lives in the atmosphere He already dwells in, he wants us to operate in that higher level, but sadly we have become too weak and complacent and have settled for whatever this natural realm throws at us.

When things go wrong in our lives we’re quick to call on man not on God, this natural realm has made us rely on our strength and wisdom for everything but not God and this has reduced us to be beggars. We serve a God who heals the sick and raise the dead yet we’re battling with various illnesses and rely on pills.

We serve a God who created this whole world, to whom silver and gold belongs yet we’re poor and barely making ends meet, struggling from paycheck to paycheck. It is true that the blessings of God are free but they’re not free, it will cost you something. Everyone wants to enjoy the benefits and goodness of the supernatural realm but you have to pay a price and one of those prices we have to pay is Prayer.

Prayer is one of the tools that enables you access into the supernatural, when you pray you open a line of communication with God and connect directly with Him, prayer makes the impossible possible, there are certain levels in the spiritual realm you’ll never get to if you don’t pray.

Pastor George Irabor

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