Our society has become one where everyone is connected but no one is connecting and it’s scary that the church is heading in that direction. We have forgotten about the tangible presence of the Almighty God and we’re so focused on social media and other things of the sort.

Not that these things don’t have their place and purpose, but there are moments when God is calling unto his church to get out of the busyness of life. We must get out of the 80 hours of work a week, out of the countless hours of fruitless deeds on social media, various clubs and sports we’re into and just get away with him and spend more time with him, because to get higher than we presently are, we have to separate ourselves and spend more time face to face with his tangible presence, when you have a face to face encounter with God and his awesome presence, your life can never remain the same.

God was never meant to be just a “Study figure”, meaning he was never intended to be simply talked about with other people’s experiences, No, God is looking for us to have our own story, our own encounter with him, where it’s not just somebody else story, but it’s about what God has done for you personally.

Pastor Mark Minerella

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