Faith – God’s Strategy for Exploits Part 3 “The Law of Expectation”

This is our third week on the topic of faith, today’s focus is on “Activating our faith by the law of expectation”

Many people heard Jesus speak, many sat under his ministrations but not everyone was touched or experienced any miracles. In Matthew 9: 20 we read about the woman with the issue of blood. She never expected that Jesus would spot her out of the crowd or lay hands on her, she just simply said in her heart “If only I may touch His garment, I shall be made well” what a great faith, she expected a miracle and she got it. When Jesus saw her he said, “Your faith has made you well”. She did not get her healing because He was the Son of God or because He was filled with power. She got her healing because she had faith and she believed–she got what she was expecting.

A lot of us say we have faith and we confess positivity but we do not act towards it. Acting towards your expectation is the biggest step of faith, it simply means you believe what you have asked for. For example; If you prayed to God for a good job, you do not sit at home folding your arms, you go out and start applying for the jobs that you want and believe that you will get it, your expectation will attract your answer.

Let us be very careful, negative expectations can cancel out God’s intended blessings for us regardless of how much faith we have. Job said “For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, and what I dreaded has happened to me. (Job 3:25-26) His negative thoughts and expectations became a reality, and the same thing can happen to any one of us. Have you noticed the things we worry about the most usually end up happening? That is the law of expectation. To fully enjoy the power of faith and belief that God has given to us, we must activate it by having good and positive expectations.

Pastor George Irabor

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