Meditation on the Word of God

As we continue our current series on developing the spirit of faith. There are five steps we must take to effectively develop this spirit.

Meditation on the Word of God

We must daily meditate on the word of God. We tend to read the bible casually or religiously, we should read it spiritually. Until we read it through the lens of the spirit, we cannot activate the power within it. The way to spiritually read the word is to mediate on it. Meditation is simply pondering on the word, what we think about becomes a part of us.

When we ponder on the word of God it means we value and respect it. What we respect, we trust. When we trust God’s word, it negates the reality of our circumstance because the word that takes root in our life and work for us through meditation.

Meditation develops our faith and we become what we meditate on. The more we think about a thing, the more it is magnified. Anything that is taking major space or priority in our minds at the moment is there as a result of how much time we have spent dwelling and meditating on it and this can either produce “Faith” or “Fear”

Pastor George Irabor

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