Take charge of your life.

You can experience life in two ways, either by destiny or by fate. Fate simply means you’re allowing events to take control of your life, but what you do with life and the situations you face will determine how far you’ll enjoy the goodness and grace of God in your life.

Why must you take charge? You must take charge because there’s no vacuum in life, if you’re not in charge of your life, something else will be in charge and if you’re not in control, if you’re living at the mercy of events, you’re not living a life of dominion. When the bible talks about dominion it talks about YOU being in charge, having control over the things you should.

Yes there are things that may be out of your control, those you leave in God’s hands, but that’s not an excuse to be lazy, there are some things that you have control over. What will make you successful in life, You have control over that.

Pastor George Irabor.

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