The Heart of a Father

A father loves unconditionally. Just like Jesus Christ the good shepherd would leave ninety nine sheeps and go looking for just one that’s lost, just as the father of the prodigal son threw him a banquet welcoming him back home despite him choosing to go wayward and squandering his life and possessions, so also all fathers today must love their children unconditionally.

Jesus already left an example for the men by loving his bride (the church) so much that he gave himself up for her, so also all fathers must lead and leave examples for the family to follow. Buying gifts is an act of love but is not a substitute for the real love and attention, but building good and Godly characters and principles in the children that will sustain them for their entire life; that’s the real duty of fatherhood. So fathers, live and lead by example.

Pastor George Irabor

Past Sermons


Our society has become one where everyone is connected but no one is connecting and it’s scary that the church is heading in that direction.

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