The Principle of Preparation

Nothing is excellent without preparation, no one excels in life without preparation. Prayer is great, but prayer without preparation will lead to frustration.

Every time God wants to do a new thing in the life of his people, he calls them to prepare, just as God said to Moses to tell the people to prepare for three days as he was about to visit them. God himself exemplified preparation from the beginning of the earth by allowing his spirit to first hover over the face of the earth when it was formless and void, that was his preparation stage.

He didn’t just start creating, his spirit hovering was his way of preparing the earth for the words that will be spoken to bear fruit and bring forth creation, so how much are you willing to prepare yourself for the life you want? where we are right now is as a result of how much we’re willing to give in the place of preparation, how ready are you and how much effort are you willing to put in.

Pastor George Irabor

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