As we continue the teaching on understanding the miraculous power of God’s presence, today we will be looking at the third dimension, worship.

Worship begins when praise ends. This great experience we have been discussing does not begin with worship but with thanksgiving. Thanksgiving brings us into the gates, praise brings us into his courts, but what keeps us in his presence is worship.

As religious people we wrongly associate worship with slow or solemn songs but worship is not singing songs, it is a lifestyle. Worship is the atmosphere we create where we reverence God and place him in high esteem. When we praise God, we are thanking Him for all the good things He has done but when we worship Him we do so without expecting anything in return, we are saying to God even if He does not do anything else for us, we will still reverence and adore him.

Worship is honoring God, true worshipers do not just worship when things are going well, their worship is always. When we daily create an atmosphere of worship, we are creating a place for God to dwell.

Pastor George Irabor