Dear Brethren,

For a few weeks, our news feeds have been inundated with reports regarding the coronavirus, or COVID 19.  We have watched this disease spread from one country to another.  Government leaders and experts in epidemiology and infectious disease have weighed in on correct practices regarding how to combat this new strain of virus.  We have received good rules of hygiene and common sense practices. After listening to research professionals, medical personnel and leaders in our communities, we would like to address the topic of worship services.

We will not be cancelling services across our branches at this time. However, we are asking members in high-risk groups (Elderly people, those with underlying illnesses, anyone who is experiencing symptoms) to consider not coming to church until further notification. Online services will be available on for your online worship experience.

Our Pastors and workers will be present and prepared for those who feel the need to know the presence of God by gathering in a place of holiness. The type of service due unto him.

We encourage those of you who attend services to continue to be vigilant about your hygiene. We encourage you not to be anxious during these trying times.  It takes courage to confront moments like this.

We will remain in contact with you as circumstances continue to develop.

Thank you and God bless.