The Principle of Discovering Your Significance

It’s not good to just merely exist or just live, but to live a life of purpose and importance. Using Moses’ story as our text, he wasn’t contented with just being known as “The son of Pharaoh’s daughter” he wanted to establish his own identity, find his own true purpose, what makes you significant are the things you bring into this life not what you draw from it.

Your significance in life is what you’re able to do for other people; it’s not about the clothes you wear or the big houses you own or the super cars you drive, but it’s the impact you make in this world and your surrounding community that will make you stand out and be recognized.

Moses had the golden opportunity to continue basking in the lifestyle of royalty, wealth and affluence, but he decided against that! he’ll rather give back to the community of Israelites suffering around him than take from them.

So taking a page from Moses’ life, here are some principles he applied.

1. He asked himself who he was.  – Discovering his true identity. If you can’t properly define you, you can’t become you. If you don’t know what you’re created for, you can’t achieve your full potential. Yes Moses grew up in the palace but he had to ask himself, “Who am i”? if you don’t find your true identity, you will settle with whatever identity the world creates for you.

Don’t seek to be popular, seek to be significant.

Pastor George Irabor

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